About us-Skofyndet.se

We are a family business founded in 1991 and on the web since 2004. Our webshop skofyndet.se was founded in 2008. In the wintertime 2014 we changed our first e-shop to this one since the old  had became out of date. In 2017 we updated the design and made the shop better with mobilephones and we hope that you like our ecommerce and find it easy to buy from. Since we originally was only working with wholesale the ecommerce was started because all demands from privatepersons who wanted clogs with heels and rubberboots that they have seen in different shops and on the internet. We received calls from northern of Sweden to Australia by people who wanted to by our clogs. Because we were almost the first ones that sold clogs on the internet we got instant succes and now with more than 10 years with ecommerce for clogs we are continuing to update with new models every year.

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